It all starts with Dutch cattle on Dutch farms. Dutch dairy cattle are globally acknowledged as the best. The cows live in a healthy environment and are fed grass every single day.


The cattle are milked twice a day. The quality of a milk sample is tested before it is taken to the production facility. Nutri-infant ensures the milk is tested before it is processed.


Following the testing, the milk is wet-blended and dried. The exact mix of ingredients will always depend on customer requirements. Our manufacturer has several production facilities in The Netherlands to meet the growing demand of infant formula.

Quality control and packaging

The infant formula is tested at an independent laboratory to assure its consistently high quality. Next, the product is packaged according to customer requirements. Cans and sachets in different sizes are available. A variety of lids for your cans is available, as is customized labeling.


Nutri-infant then arranges shipment and provides logistical support. Depending on the destination the cans or sachets are shipped over land, by sea or via air freight.